Engines & Gentlemen has its roots in a family history marked by love for vintage cars, evolving through generations into real collections.
It’s in the garage of home that born the brand dedicated to the accessories of author, conceived and realized inspired by the design of the most iconic cars of the British era 1950s and ’60s.
The Engines & Gentlemen collections are the result of Made in Italy excellence, authentic and sophisticated design accessories, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, the selection of the finest materials and the finest details.
Engines & Gentlemen synthesizes the passion, the pursuit, the elegance and the gritty accelerated spirit of contemporary times.

Dedicated to all the true Connoisseurs and Gentlemen of our day.


Our Products


Engines & Gentlemen produces a must-have accessories line for contemporary men, always on the go, connected to the trends of the moment and looking for new adventures, without sacrificing elegance and unmistakable personality.
All models in the collection, exclusively handmade, are distinguished by contemporary design combined with the vintage treatment of skins and materials that makes unique and original pieces.
It’s the special craftsmanship that gives birth to the distinctive feature of every single piece of the collection, the relief textures, the skins printed on fire to the magnetic button that recalls the shape of the rim from legendary Jaguars of the 60s, logo and symbol of the brand.
The leather used in the collection reproduces the effect of weary skins in vintage car seats and, together, reminiscent the sensations and odors of the interior of the old-fashioned passenger compartment, an aged leather mix, engine oil, blends and roots. Each accessory also offers, upon request, personalization with initials and symbols, also hand-crafted.